Should I accept this trade? Need help!

I was offered Kenny Stills and OBJ for Stafford, Crowder and Boyd.

0.5 PPR

I was thinking of trying to get John Brown instead of Stills because I have Nuk. I also have Lamar Jackson.

I actually think the floor of Crowder is higher than either OBJ or Stills or Brown, but the ceiling on OBJ is much higher. I probably wouldn’t do this, but it becomes closer since you have another option at QB.

Yea Crowder has a nice schedule coming up too. Ive had Boyd and Crowder all year and both have been pretty disappointing and that why i was considering this trade. My other WRs are Nuk and MT so i hae some room to work with and OBJ could put me over the top if the Browns can finally get right.

No budge on trying to get someone different than Stills. Worth the trade still?

Stay put, don’t take that trade.

Oh jeez didn’t see the date :man_facepalming: