Should I accept this trade? Please help!

12 team, 0.5 PPR. I will acquire Green and trade away Jones and Golladay

My WRs
J. Jones
J. Edelman
K. Golladay
G. Tate
T. Smith

My RBs:
A. Jones

I wouldn’t.
Golladay has been solid this year, and jones has upside. I think you’d be giving up to much to get AJ

Given the fact that you want to trade away one of the lions WRs, I feel this is a better trade than the other one you posted. I don’t trust Aaron Jones (or the GB backfield).

I would do it. I am a fan of golladay and have him on my team, but I think A.J. green is better and I have minimal confidence in packers rbs.

I think this is a winner for you. I’d take it

You gotta take that trade, 100%. Considering the fact that you already have CMC, Mixon, Chubb & Lindsey you wouldn’t be missing Jones. Plus I think anyone would agree AJ is an upgrade to Golladay.

In any trade were 1 superior is traded for 2 lesser superiors, the 1 superior almost always wins.

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Meaning… am I winning or the other guy is winning?

Meaning you are getting AJ, the best guy in this deal.

take this trade. youre essentially trading golladay for AJG straight up. I dont think Aaron Jones ever becomes the bell-cow fantasy owners are hoping for unless one of the other GB RB’s gets injured or traded

AJ may have 3 decent fantasy games this season. No one will pick them and many will chase points and end up ticked. This is all assuming Rogers stays healthy. AJ is a lottery ticket if Rogers goes down though. Top 5 RB instantly if Rogers is out.

i like it the deal