Should I accept this trade??

Standard scoring 10 man league

I am trading away aj green, Christian mccafrey, and also adding edleman because of aj greens possible surgery risk.

I am getting saquan and juju should I make this trade?

Drew breeze
Kareem hunt
Aj green
Brandon cooks
Zachary ertz
James white

Russell Wilson
Ty hilton
Doug Baldwin
Amari cooper

I would see if you can move Baldwin instead. Edelman has a good bit more value. But all in all I like it.

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Don’t know if it changes anything for you but Green won’t need surgery. He is however going to miss a couple of weeks.

So you can probably take Edelman out and put a player of lesser value like Baldwin.

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He’s not budging and I feel like Edleman is going to ride my bench anyways

I think Baldwin’s and Edlemans production will be pretty much the same ROS, the difference isnt enough to deter putting either one in that trade to get Saquon and Juju.

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