Should i Accept Trade offer?

1/2 PPR League.

Got offered J Reed, Chubb, and AJ Green for my K Allen and J Doyle.
Current RBS/WR/TE:
Mixon, Michel, K Johnson
Hopkins, Allen, Baldwin.
Njoku, Doyle

I’m leaning towards no here because of Greens injury. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Unless you only field 1 WR, you can’t take it this week.

No not get A.J. green unless it’s super cheap. And your wr1 for his injured wr1 is not cheap.

If you know you are in the playoffs, I would probably take it. Just know you could lose a game or 2 until Green comes back. But Michel could get vultured by Burkehead at the end of the season. So Chubb could be a big deal. And you really don’t need Doyle. I’d play Njoku over him almost any week.

That being said… if you’re still competing for a playoff spot you CANNOT take this

Thanks, 5th place so i dont think i can take this knowing i could possibly miss playoffs