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Should I acquire Powell off waivers?


I’ve got J. Stew, Smallwood and Buck Allen on my bench already. Still worth picking up?


Following! I’m wondering about this myself…


I’d do it particularly before this weekend, we might finally get to see what Powell usage would be like without Forte this year, albeit against a tough opponent. Hard to believe he’s diminished that much from last year and he was absolutely a solid fill-in down the stretch last year.

I should say I have a similar bench with Smallwood, Powell, and T. West, all basically require an injury to really shine.


I actually acquired him in a trade last week as a throw in and I’m hoping he absolutely goes off. He was a monster the last 4 games of last year.


I dropped him a few weeks ago out of necessity. I wish I had him now, since they’re supposedly going to use him finally. He’d be a good trading piece to combine with somebody else to go after an elite player. I expect some good things out of him this week.

If you have to drop one of those other guys to get him, though. I’m not high on Buck Allen at this point, but not enough to drop him. If you’ve got nobody else to drop, maybe leave him be.