Should I add handcuffs at this point - thoughts?

I am in a full PPR/10 team/1pt for completion league. JWhite, LMurray, MBrown, KHunt are available to pick up. Not sure to stay the course or get any of these (itchy trigger finger)? If so, who should I drop? My team:

Kamara. Chubb. DavJohnson, DamWilliams
Godwin, Boyd, RWoods, JGordon, Ridley
Kittle, Hooper


whoops ā€¦ 9h and no answer ā€¦ you may have handled this already. Gurley is out, so MB is a no brainer for this week. Kamara is questionable, so grabbing Murray makes sense. I grabbed Chase for DJ backup.

Having said that, I would not want to drop anyone on your team!

Gordon or Ridley ā€¦ Iā€™d try to trade first.

Nice team!

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