Should I add some RB depth?

RBs are Gordon, Ekeler, Ingram, Mack, and Howard

WRs are Hill, Sanders, JuJu, Landry, Baldwin, Geronimo

Thought about making an offer for Dion Lewis (maybe Doug Baldwin straight up) or I could drop Geronimo for Ito Smith who’s sitting on FA right now.

It’s a .5 PPR league with two flex positions, but only 5 bench spots.

I would not trade Baldiwn for Lewis and would not drop Geronimo for Smith. Geronimo should have a good game this week so I would hold off and try and trade him for someone better than Smith. Furthermore, I think Baldwin is a tier above Lewis so I think you should shoot for a better RB.

I would personally try and package Landry/Baldwin/Geronimo + Howard and try and get a Mixon or even CMC (who hasn’t been that great).

Once you make it through all these bye weeks all the depth gets a little less necessary and instead I would try and improve my team by trying to upgrade my starting roster. Not that easily done but that is what I would shoot for.

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True. It’s funny you mentioned those two RBs…

I sent the Mixon owner an offer of Howard+Baldwin for Mixon earlier this week and couldn’t even get a counter.

The CMC owner wants a package deal of Tyreek+Howard for CMC+John Brown. He also has Mahomes, so I’m not really inclined to send Hill his way.

Yeah I would pass on both of those. The second one is intriguing due to your WR depth but i think i would still pass.