Should I aquire?

Here’s my roster:
QB- Tyrod and Cousins
RB- Hunt, Howard, D Murray, A Jones, Coleman
WR- Brown, Funchess, Thielen, Shepard, Hogan

I have the opportunity to trade for one or two of the following: Julio, AJ Green, McCoy, Ingram, Kamara, Ajayi

Who will help the most rest of season?

Depending what you have to give up I’d say Julio helps the most followed by Shady

I’m in a 8 team PPR. In 12 years of this league, trades involving player for player rarely happen. It’s always been the bottom two or three teams throwing in the towel on this season and just looking to unload top players for draft picks next year. So, may have to give up a 2nd or 3rd round pick for one of these guys. It’s crazy but it happens every year and has worked for me more than once. Are any of those players worth a draft pick to help me win a championship? I’m 2nd in the league at 7-2