Should I backup Reed?

Have Reed at TE. Only 5 bench spots. Would have to drop A Jones (GB RB) to free up spot (already have Barkley, Cook, Collins, J White and J Williams). If I do back up, go with McDonald (best available) or Vernon Davis? Or just ride it out?

How big is your league?

With no additional information, I say just ride it out. You sound like you’ll be in a streaming situation anyway, since you have Reed.

I would probably ride it out. With only 5 bench spots you should use those one guys with better upside. If reed gets hurt, then go to the waiver wire. Davis would be a good pick up in that case

In theory sure, you want to have a backup for Reed. But with only 5 bench spots you should be able to snag someone off waivers if/when you need. I can’t see many, if anyone rostering 2 TEs instead of RBs/WRs with a small bench.

12 team league. Last year I also had Reed. As soon as he went down, others higher on the waiver wire would pick up Davis before me. When Reed is out, Davis is a TE1.