Should I be aggressive? Give F1 for Kenny G?

Despite it being a hammy injury, I believe Golladay will have value come playoff time. Would you feel comfortable offering up someone like Scary Terry to get Golladay now, even if it means a week 1 loss? I have Woods, Green, Edwards, and Jones Jr. to roll.with this week.

Of you can catch someone tilting because of the injury, do it. Trading away Terry for Kenny would be a huge upgrade.

Edit: missed that you had MJJ. Like @Holy_Catfish said, I wouldn’t roster two Detroit WRs.

Since you have MJJ it seems like an interesting move to trade for Golladay and have two Detroit WRs. MJJ could finish the year just behind Golladay (or ahead of). It seems to me that you don’t need to trade F1 in order to get a good Detroit WR on your roster.