Should I be concerned ROS, or sit tight?

RB: Gurley, Chubb, Tev Coleman, A Jones, John Kelly

WR: Dev Adams, Evans, Kupp, Lockett, C Kirk, Snead


QB: Wilson, Truby

Streaming DEF each week at this point

K: Had Fairbairn (BYE)….so Gould right now


Thanks a mil CLAN for thoughts and feedback!!!

Looks pretty good.

Maybe try and upgrade at QB offering one of yours and a player you probably will not be using.

Thank you buddy for your imput. Here’s the top 5 QB’s available at the moment:

Flacco, Keenum, Bortles, Prescott and Alex Smith.

Any thoughts???

I probably would not grab any of those as what you have is better.

I know. Kinda my thoughts. LOL…reckon I’m stuck with what I got in that arena. BUT…really appreciate you jumping in and offering your thoughts!!! THANKS A MIL my friend!!! :blush:

Right now sitting in 6th place in 10-team. Barely making P/O spot. BUT…at this point prob gonna be able to hold that spot, if not move up a notch or two. Hence…my concern (since just BARELY in there).

Thanks again @Wentz1013!!! Hoping you’re feeling positive about your ROS as well!!! :grinning:

Your team is good man. You have 3 solid WRs with some depth on the side. Your RBs after Gurley could use an upgrade but having Chubb, Jones, and Coleman as your RB2s to Gurley isn’t terrible. Personally I shoot for RBs though so I’m biased towards having as many high-end RBs as possible lol. I consider them to be highly important and valuable trade pieces to upgrade other positions if needed.

QBs have definitely hurt you at times but you should be fine with both of them. Bears schedule gets more difficult in the playoffs which should mean that Trubisky has to throw more. Wilson is also much better second half of the season.

I hear ya buddy. But…in our league (as with many leagues) RB1’s are pretty much scooped up and are hard to come by. But…yeah…Coleman hasn’t done me too bad. Neither has Chubb. And still waiting to see what Jones is gonna be able to do now that Ty Mont is gone.

Greatly appreciate your thoughts here!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Jones looked phenomal today! Hope you played him and Chubb! With Gurley that’s a killer trio. I had Gurley and Chubb. Beat the Jones owner this week

AAAAACCCCKKKKK!!! I played Chubb…but had A Jones on the bench. Had Kupp playing!!! DADGUMMITT!!!
Oh well…still think I’m gonna get this week!!! Had Lockett on the bench as well!!!

OJ…my TE and Evans scuffed!!!

Could be close!!!

Good grief…if I’d had started Chubb AND A Jones…I’d have KILLED THE WHOLE LEAGUE THIS WEEK…(LOL…I ALSO HAD TRUBY)!!!