Should i be full tilt on Amari Cooper?

Please help calm me down here people. How do the raiders blow up the Jets and Cooper still manages a large turd in his pants? Should I be looking to trade him? I’ve got Antonio Brown (also poopy in his skivvies this week), so losing a stud like cooper wont ruin my life (and I need help at RB) but I cant help but feel like im missing out on HUGE upside if I trade him on a down week.

if you can trade him for a RB2 or RB1 do it, if you cant DONT DROP HIM

oh yeah I should be very clear, drop him was a terrible choice of phrasing here because I wouldn’t dare drop him flat out. I may try to pull a trade for a solid RB 1.

Because he’s arguably not the #1 WR on his own team (and certainly not on the high leverage throws like 3rd down and the red zone) and because there are a lot of other options on the offense. Selling him now may mean taking pennies on the dollar, which is never an ideal situation. If you can get a good starting RB (stress the word good), or a more consistent, but possibly less sexy WR, I’d consider it. Otherwise, you’re probably best rolling with him.

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I had him last year. He’s fun to watch and he has big play ability, but he disappears often and it gets frustrating. He’ll have a big game soon and I would wait until that game to try and move him if you cannot stand the roller coaster ride that Coop is.

I wanted him again this year, but when he was selected before me I ended up with Crabtree, that’s worked out alright so far :wink:

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