Should I be in panic mode?!

Hey clan

I need some help to work out of I should be in full on panic mode and drop my bench for a rejig. I have traded with the focus of playoffs expecting to get the 1 win i needed in 6 weeks but so far it hasn’t happened. I’ve lost 4 in a row!!!

My team is is an 8man 0.5PPR on 5-6. I am now in 6th place (top 6 makes playoff). The 2 teams on 4-7 I am playing in the last 2 weeks.

Wentz goff
Hunt McCoy Freeman martin zeke
M. Thomas d. Bryant Evans Baldwin Cooper
Bengals (stream)

Options on wire are woodhead mckissic drake Booker bills at rb
Richardson Goodwin Corey Davis doctson Crowder or kupp for wr
Delanie walker, CLAY and doyle at te
Bears, patriots and plenty of other ok options for playoffs.

Drop Martin, zeek, cooper. Zeek is a long shot if you make it to the final and don’t really want to play him against seatle.

Your team is pretty good and shouldn’t struggle to get the W you need. Feel free to drop Martin or Cooper (I’d assume Amari…) if you think you need to do something though, but I don’t think you’ll be upgrading with those available options you’d be pretty mad to put them in your starting lineup come gameday anyway.


I’d play:

wentz, hunt, mccoy, thomas, baldwin, gronk, flex evans and don’t forget a boom boom kicker! haha

don’t overthink it. some of those guys had off weeks, but that is a beast line-up. start your studs

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For this week I would take Doctson over Dez or Cooper. Not sure how many WR you can start. I dont think you should panic Hunt is due for a good game and I think McCoy has another good one. I’d just play the consistency and Dez and Cooper are hard to trust.

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Thanks for all your advice. Feel a bit more reassured that I didn’t need to swathe through my line-up with a sharp cutting knife!
@brianpkelly88 I think that’s a fair way to go I was toying with Freeman but looks like he might be out again so hold and hope I reckon for him. And looked like you agree about not putting them in my line-up as @Paddy_Gallagher said.
@PatDaddy479 I might drop Cooper for doctoson and let him landmine someone else’s team. I haven’t played him once all year after trading for him 2 weeks before his 34pt game.

Really appreciate the input. Finger crossed

So… all was looking good after Prescott pooped all over his roster but after hunt and Baldwin did similar to mine… was all on his Julio Jones to send me onto a Trexas showdown.

  1. What do I do with hunt? I can spot start drake vs denver lynch vs giants, cohen vs 49ers rod smith vs redskins, eckler vs browns or Clement vs seahawks

  2. Do I spot start kupp vs Arizona or Crowder vs cowboys, Sanders vs Miami with simien back? Also agholor (SEA) and cobb (TB) or sanu (MIN)

  3. Spot start rivers over wentz?


Playing vs a team with brown Wilson Kamara and Howard vs 49ers in a winner makes playoffs game. So not feeling too confident