Should I be making trades?

Lots of people in my league have been making trades the last couple weeks. I feel like I should be doing the same, but I’m also pretty optimistic about my team ROS. If you have trades suggestions, I’d love to hear them! But mostly I just want to know if I need to be working harder to make some trades happen. Thanks for the help!

Here’s my team and the league is .5ppr:
QB: Matt Ryan
RBs: Carson, Jacobs, Singletary, Damien Williams, Jamaal Williams
WRs: Kupp, McLaurin, Tate, Watkins, Crowder
TEs: Andrews, Waller

I’ve basically got two WR1s and two RB1s (adjusting for Jacobs’ bye) so it feels tough to level them up.

You might want to flip one of your TE for something good.

Ditto to that, I would look to flip a TE for a strong WR2

After losing Hunter Henry and dissly (Didn’t pick HH back up because I liked dissly) I disagree. Keep your TE unless you really need an upgrade somewhere.