Should I be trading for David Johnson

PPR league. should I be trading for David Johnson? I can get him for Hunter Henry and Courtland Sutton. Rest of my team looks good without those 2. I have Waller, Hopkins, Evans, and Galloday.

I’m worried about his rest of season schedule and injury

bump for exposure

I would probably do this. DJ has good upside any given week when he’s healthy. Plus Sutton’s stock to me is down given Flacco injury.

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that’s the way I’m leaning. my current RB are Bell, Mack, Coleman, & Singletary… all whom have underperformed for different reasons

Yep! Plus DJ could be the final piece in maybe swinging a combo of those guys for top tier back

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ya. I’ve been trying to get a top back from a 2 for 1 trade for awhile and it just hasnt stuck. everyone wants to hold on to their top runner.

That’s always tough. Not sure how your league looks, but maybe if the losses are mounting they may finally budge.

It’s always a mix of frustration and respect when an owner goes down with the ship completely rather than taking risks to try to win now.

which trade do you like better…

Courtland Sutton and Hunter Henry for DJ
Courtland Sutton and Marlon Mack for Carson

Carson has a better schedule and is healthier haha

In a vacuum trade 1, but I’ d rather trade the extra TE than RB. RB depth is great come playoff time. Probably will be better if you use the forum to evaluate the counter the other owner might give you. Easier than speculation.

CBS trade values chart is helpful

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Sutton and Henry for DJ. You need to hold on to Mack…him and Carson are pretty similar players so I don’t think this is a huge upgrade

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I’m not buying the injury dip at this point in the season. I would not.

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