Should I be trading?

Not much of a “trader” usually just pick players off waivers.

I think you’re only missing a safe WR 3. Hardman could become that, but I feel anyone of your WR 3 options could bust any week. You have 3 RBs on your bench that some teams would value as a start. I would target a weak RB team and go after one of their WRs.

Damn, are you in like a 6 team league? :slight_smile:

Could offer an RB to get someone more reliable at WR3, especially if all those starting RBs stay in your bench, but otherwise solid

I would also put together one of your RBs and a low end WR for a WR1 or 2 like Mike Evans or Diggs. I bet you could put together Michel and Anderson for one of them. I would only trade away Michel if this is a PPR league.

It’s a 10 team .5 ppr

I would still move some of your middle tier players for better players and then you can play the waivers more. I love doing 2 for 1 deals. I’d also look at teams who have lost QBs because you may be able to fill a hole on their team.

I doubt you would want to drop any of your current guys for waivers, and you’ll eventually have to drop someone to fill in for defense because I would hold onto the patriots defense.