Should I be worried about my RBs

12 Team PPR 2 Keeper Startup
1 QB (4pt), 2WR, 2RB, 2Flex (WRT)
1Def 1K 6BN

I drafted from the 9 Spot

WRs-Tyreek Hill, Keenan Allen, Kenny Golladay, Courtland Sutton, Rashod Bateman, Henry Ruggs

RBs-Mixon, Etienne, Fournette, Gus Edwards, AJ Dillon

TE-Hunter Henry, Austin Hooper

QB- Justin Herbert

Washington defense
J. Sanders Kicker

Should I be worried about my RB or TE situation?

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Neither are ideal but I think rb you have enough to manage the situation. I think you’ll be leaning on Dillon and Edwards more than you’d like to though.

Tight end I think you’ve gone with two capable of being top 12 but neither really that likely to be all that great. In the aggregate you might if matchups are a success do really well though.

Out of curiosity who are rbs on waivers? I’d personally be looking to dump kicker for the moment and acquire one to see how pre season goes. But Sanders is a higher quality kicker than most.


Thanks for the reply. Here are the top RBs available. Not feeling really good about any of it

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I’d have a little bit of interest in Ahmed just in case Gaskin grip on the job isn’t that right and Ahmed looked solid when healthy in 2020

Less interested in Kelley but I’d have him on my radar. I think one of Chargers backups will be usable and it’s finding out if its Kelley, Jackson or Rountree.

James White I want to see if mac gets the job. If he does then he is once again an option.

Cohen in ppr could be OK still too. Not weekly but somebody you can throw out and feel is capable of 10 in ppr


I am with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird.

Ahmed would be my first choice followed by Cohen for me.

I personally would take a dart throw on Roundtree before I picked up Kelley or Jackson. Kelley showed absolutely nothing after the 1st 2 weeks and Jackson was constantly hurt in games.


If one of the Chargers can get the backup role behind Ekeler he’ll be worth a roster spot. But it’s so murky - Jackson as mentioned can’t stay on the field which is a shame and Kelley looked suspiciously like he isn’t good enough

If Rountree gets the shot and can stay healthy he will be a popular waiver add. But it’s a gigantic if right now.

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He might be buried down the list and I am keeping my eyes on Kenneth Gainwell too. I don’t think he’s an add now but I think if things fall right he could be later.


I think your RB core is fine. This is not dynasty so for this year I think you’ll be okay. I do like Roundtree / Ahmed but I’m not sure I’d swap any of your current RB, so unless you have bench guys not shown I’d hold.

TE you might be able to do something, but IMHO unless you are getting a top 3/4 TE they are all a wash, and you have two players who have history being good and on teams that keep TE involved. I suppose NEP is a history bias, but Bill is still there so it feels likely given their off-season moves. CLE will be running, but I think TE factors in.

From what you’ve shared, I’d be okay packaging Bateman / Ruggs to try and get a better option at RB or TE, but I’m not sure who you’d get. Maybe Carson if the owner doesn’t love him? I like Mike Davis for this year, and maybe Gaskin is out there. Then I’d grab a WR off the waiver to fill the depth there. WR is easier to find some potential production.

Unless you can get a good back end RB2 / high end RB3 I’d just ride out the year. I’m not sure how competitive you’ll be (IDNK league rosters), but your team is not “sexy.” Remember teams do not have to be sexy to win.

I hope any of this helps!

  • Craig Coffman

@Mr_Wind-up_Bird has a strong suggestion in dropping your K to add a player until the season starts.