Should I be worried about my starting WRs?

So I had the #2 pick in our 12 team standard league and went with 3 RBs with my first 3 picks, with Zeke, J. Howard, and Mixon. Right now my starting receivers are Golden Tate and JuJu Smith schuster. I have kelvin Benjamin and dj Moore on my bench. Should I be worried about these receivers? I know they’re not the biggest names and Tate and JuJu both have competition with Marvin Jones and Antonio Brown, and bell. Do you think they will still produce enough to keep them in a starting role?

I wouldn’t be mad if I had Tate as my WR2, but I obviously would rather have a stud WR1. I think they’ll produce enough early that you should be fine. Plus you could usually find a wide out on waivers that’ll produce. I would rather have the RBs that you know will get touches in a standard league.

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Hey man, okay-- I think Kelvin Benjamin is going to be a stud this year. I mean didn’t you see that touchdown catch he made in preseason? Okay, I’m lying… or just trying to make you feel better.

The truth is it’s hard to say, especially not knowing the rest of your players. Let’s say you have A Rodgers at Qb and Gronk or Kelce at TE, along with two excellent defenses that you can stream on a weekly basis against weaker opponents. Then I would say you are sitting pretty… and just keep an eagle eye on that waiver wire during the season.

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I mean, I’d start planning to supplement that group if possible; either through trades or the waiver wire. Tate is a little less valuable in standard leagues, but Juju is a crap shoot… knowing he’s the third option in that passing game behind AB and Bell has me a little worried that the hype has forced his value into the “drafting at the top of their ceiling” range and doesn’t leave you much wiggle room for him to have the kind of growing pains a young player tends to have.

I do love Zeke and Howard as a 1/2 in standard formats. Any other fliers you took on that roster that may breakout and give you a trade chip?