Should I bench DST while I am ahead by 2.5 pts

I am currently winning my matchup by 2.5 pts, and my opponent doesn’t have any players left.
I have NE DST left to play on Monday night (against the Jets). In our scoring format, DST could get negative points: -4 for 35+ pts allowed.

Should I bench them to guarantee the win or play them to potentially get a few more points but risk losing?


I feel like it’s a gentleman’s agreement to play full lineup

If your opponent can’t beat a lineup without a defense, that’s his problem, not yours. Depending on your record to this point, and how point differentials could work out, I would pull them.

Let it ride. How likely are the pitiful Jets to put up 35+ points? Hold strong! Be a man about it! Take the L if some crazy force of nature happens.

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I like that. going for it

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That’s what I’m talking about!

well we’ll see but it might happen :laughing:. Belichick tanking …

Gotta have faith! It’s the Jets…

alright I am officially out of the woods with that INT. lol

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So, I’m assuming you won your matchup?

yes indeed! although a little more stressful than I’d wanted it to be, but it gave me a reason to watch the game :wink:


For the future. I don’t think you have to play any player. There are advantages and disadvantages to a Sunday night or Monday night game. For example, you don’t have the same options to replace a Monday player, if they are declared inactive after Sunday, for example. Advantage your opponent. So if you’re up by around that amount, say 5 points or less, you can just sit the player in my book.

While I don’t disagree with your logic, I think it’s Busch League to pull a player because you’re worried about them scoring negative points and losing you a matchup. Trust the player(s) and go all in! I think it’s a gentleman’s agreement to do that a field a complete starting lineup.

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I get your point too. It would be a great topic for the show. Why was Gurley yelled at for going into the end zone too early? Why do they kneel at the end when ahead? Squib kicks. So there is an element of denying your opponent a chance to win. I have to admit, though, your point of playing honorably is very appealing as well. I guess to go with your username, “I don’t know” really either. :slight_smile:


those are all good points. it all comes down to your managing style. I play fantasy football for the fun, and that decision made it more fun at the end and gave me a reason to watch the game!
also statistically, the odds were on my side and a few more points can prove to be worth a lot in tight leagues.

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See, I like that you played it out. I had no skin in that game last night and the only reason I paid it any attention was because I was invested in your decision to play it out. So, thanks for letting me ride your coattails last night.

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Absolutely! Happy to know it made it more fun for you as well. And it wasn’t that bad of a game either!!

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Its all a part of the strategy- & risk- involved in the game. Choose wisely.

Good thread here. I’ll add that stat corrections are also a thing. 2.5 points is within the bounds of a TD, field goal, or even force fumble+recovery depending on scoring format, among other anomalies we’ve probably all witnessed over the years. I’ve seen a couple post-week stat corrections flip the winner this year, though those were both only 2 point swings.

So I’d probably have let it ride too in this situation. But if the opponent was the Chiefs instead of the Jets, I’d probably proceed with a bit more caution…