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Should I buy Zeke?


I am thinking of offering Mckinnon and Cohen for Zeke… I am 5-1 the other guy is 3-3 and hoping to make playoffs. Would the guy bite if his RBs are Ajayi and AP. His WR’s are Garcon and Adams. I could add a WR and drop Cohen out of the trade. What do you think about going after zeke in his current situation.


i think you would have to add a WR, not sure how your league mates are but in mine everyone would veto it immediately haha


I’d rather have McKinnon ROS then Cohen. If he’s down on Zeke then I would send Cohen and a middle tier WR assuming you have the depth which at 5-1 you probably do. I don’t think you need McKinnon AND Cohen in that deal given his situation.