Should I care about others’ teams

Trade Ridley and Pittman for Montgomery, Aiyuk and M. Sanders? It helps me but then his team is ridiculous with Elliott, Kamara, (Ridley), and Hopkins… standard scoring

I don’t think you should Pittman is clear WR2 material and possibly WR1. What’s your rb situation?

It’s Jones, Henderson, Coleman, Ingram and Dobbins.

I think your in a fine position for week 1 but that’s tough. I’d feel out week 1. Henderson’s role may be huge May be low. Anybody on waivers like Marquez Callaway or Marvin Jones (WR). Who is on waivers for Rbs (I’d figure going waiver wire more than a trade to make someone else unstoppable).

Yeah, waivers are pretty bleak right now but I’m going to keep Ridley anyway. I like him on my team too much to see him go somewhere else right now.

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