Should I continue playing in a league?

What up footclan? Got a question about if I should participate in a league again this year. It’s a league where I work. $30 buy in, It is not super competitive and it seems that 3 of the 12 league members aren’t very interested i.e not setting line ups, leaving hurt players on the roster, not responding to trade requests etc. . I won the league last year and at the end of the season more than one of the members said it seems like I cheated to win. Mind you I did trade a lot in order to make my team better weekly. Also my boss (who is in the league) chewed me out pretty good for making a trade on company time. But I only see these guys are work so when am I supposed to make trades and what not? Anyways, I’d appreciate the feedback from my follow Footclaners.

i quit my work leagues like this, it just isnt worth it to me even if i win it. id rather not have the stress and a league that isnt competitive is less fun to me as well.


I would personally leave the league. It isn’t competitive and work leagues that are for money can only cause issues in my experience. If it was a free league for fun and bragging rights I’d stay in it.


It doesn’t worth it ! Say ciao ciao to this league !

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I’d quit even though it sounds like easy money it’s not worth the hassle

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You could take over a dynasty team in my league if you want :smiley: we can swap you right in

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Clearly you’re playing the league all wrong. You should be making trades with your boss, giving him the advantage, and helping him to win. He’d go from chewing you out to giving you time off, more money, and the keys to his beach house.


You provided three reasons to leave and none to stay. Seems like you already know what to do.


The simple fact your boss chewed you out in a work based league for conducting league business is as lame of a situation you can find yourself in. Run like hell!

PS: Grats on kicking their butts! :slight_smile:

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Hollar at me fam.

Sucking up to the boss is not in my DNA. But thanks for your input.

Thanks for feedback everyone. I believe I’m going to skip this league this year.

Gotta ask yourself why you in da league. If it’s easy $ & something you do that makes for a better work environment, then ya stay in. If it’s something that’s turning into more of a burden then anything else & your not really emotionally connected to it then go ahead & bounce.

If your interested in joining a really competitive league, I can keep you in mind to join my league. It’s a 12 team half pt PPR & we play w/ IDPs. I’ve been running this league da last 7yrs & it’s always competitive!!! But in is probably gonna be $25. My email is . My name is John, but everybody jus calls me Mugz.

Easy money sure is nice but if you’re not having fun what’s the point. I’m sure you’re in other leagues you enjoy, focus on those.