Should I Count Consolation Bracket Wins/Losses?

I’m the commissioner for my league and we have a last place pays $100 penalty. Should I count the wins and losses during the Consolation Bracket in determining who’s last place?

I didn’t clearly specify this rule in the beginning of the league, but I made a comment that I wanted everybody to keep playing till the end of the season to consolation bracket should count.

I’m getting backlash from one of the members saying that only regular season should count. How should I handle this?

If it was specified at the beginning just so it based on regular season. Should be something to bring up before next season, I can see that keeping interest for those eliminated

It wasn’t specified in the beginning of the season. I commented that they should keep playing during the consolation bracket right when the season ended.

Best bet would be be to take a league vote for now and then change rule for next season.