Should I do this? Bell and Allison for Kamara and Woods?

This is in a standard league with no flex spot. My other backs are Howard, Freeman, Mitchel, and Yeldon. Should I trade away Bell?

I would do it. Woods is on a really good pace this year and Kamara is an every week start. You really dont know what is going to happen with Bell this year and G-mo is good but i would want a piece of that Rams offense.

You have spent longer typing this questions that you should have spent doing this trade. Kamara (even that his numbers won’t be as good as 1st 4 weeks) > bell

Woods>> Allison

Got to take the trade

I would definitely make that trade! I think you win that deal in a landslide!

Shit, he canceled it and put John Brown instead of woods. Still fair?

He swapped out Woods for John Brown. You think it’s still worth it?

yes even with brown

110% yes wouldn’t have hesitated

Absolutely! Brown is Flaco’s favorite target and you WANT Kamara he is a league winner.