Should I do this trade? 12 team ppr

I give up Adam Thielan and Damien Williams to get lev bell. I think Thielan May have just had his biggest week of the year and I’m unsure about the stability of Damien. Still feels like I’d be giving up a lot. I have Kupp and Chark as top wrs and also have Kamara and Carson for rb

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I’m definitely in the minority. Every one, every where, is buying the farm on Lev Bell. I know he’s a beast and he’ll get tons of volume but will the resulting production be what people are talking about exchanging?

I think you’ll be giving up alot if this is a key week for you. Kamara may be limited this week. And both SEA RBs have popped up on the injury report. Probably ok but worth noting.

Kupp’s the model of consistency. Chark is a talented receiver. But he’s one I’d have to be ready to be flexible with.

Thielen basically called out Capt Kirk on national TV. Cousins shoved the ball down his throat. Cousins feeds off negativity to be productive.
It may push him to prove a point; prove he should be there. Until he doesn’t but hey, Thielen could still ride a wave.

And what you said about Damian. It’s the same feeling that’s kept Darrell clogging my bench for 2 weeks. I just don’t know why.

I hope you’re right about Thielan. Minnesota’s play calling has been very scary for production of what Thielan is capable of.

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Without question. And I’m always happy to accept when I’m wrong; it’s not infrequent.

And like I said, I’m the minority. Everybody wants Bell right now. But the majority of reasoning for this is too shallow in my opinion. Unless your not shooting for the moon with Bell

Tasty side note:
Kirk Cousins has a 153 QB rating with Thielen, specifically, against man coverage. Guess who plays a ton of man, and is less than spectacular at it?

That’s a great stat, love it. I’m also not sold on Bell. I drink the tea of Mike when it comes to Gase being a bad coach, and I just don’t trust Gase with Bell even when Darnold comes back. It would be a no for me

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Well I’m glad I was wrong about the Jets, and hope everyone had and has a great week! Good luck! :blush:

That stat isn’t super meaningful if they only throw the ball 17 times a game.

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Right. But it’s all trends. And you’re looking for opportunity. Within the context of the discussion I think it was valid?

Hindsight being 20/20 I admitted being wrong. And glad. I don’t want anyone to do poorly. It was my opinion at the time. Damien’s killing me. So I was obviously way off. I’ll own it