Should I do this trade? Desperate for a running back

I am in a ten man non ppr standard league. I currently don’t have a running back to start this week(had bell, devonta, and Lynch), I plan on picking up and starting Derrick Henry and Jalen richard if I don’t have a trade go through. I have one interesting offer that I would like to hear some feedback on. He offered Thompson and Golladay for Emmanuel sanders. My other receivers are a.j., Woods, Desean, and cooper. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

I would take that trade for ONE reason only. Golden Tate is gone, Kenny G targets will go up! His been a solid WR this season. BUT!!! He needs to give you a solid RB, Thompson injured his rib this past sunday. Thats a garbage player, you need a healthy one! DO NOT take the trade if he cannot offer you a healthy RB.

Do you still have Lynch and Devonte freeman??? You need to drop both!! You dont need for the playoofs, they are hurt and done for. Pick someone from the waivers. Who is sitting in your waivers right now?? N. Chubb? I.Smith? Aaron Jones? You need to tell us whats on the waivers, Im sure there is better options right now. KEEP E. Sanders.

I would do this. You’re very depleted at the RB position and Thompson will be serviceable when healthy. My one concern is that you don’t need a WR, and him adding Golladay means that he can give you a lesser RB on top of it. I’d just do Sanders for a RB straight up to try to get a nice RB 2

Thank you for the advice. His next worst rb is mark Ingram, what do you recommend I offer back?

My lineup(before waivers):
Royce freeman
Mike Davis
Trequan Smith
Dan bailey
(I have a lot of byes this week, I’ll work it out, just what would you offer)

I no longer have Lynch or freeman as you can see👍, and the waivers are also depleted at rb

I just replied to another users respomse, I would appreciate it if you took a look at it and gave your insight again? (What should I offer for mark Ingram and Golladay, or maybe just Ingram based on your response)

I would definately take mark Ingram! Get him and Kenny G. Give him Sanders.

I don’t think he would accept that

Try it its worth a shot. Tell him you dont want injured Thompson

He may… there’s a lot of hype around Sanders with Thomas going, and Ingram was just disappointing two weeks in a row

E Sanders is a wr 1. His giving you rb2 and wr2

His rbs are just Gurley Ingram and Thompson, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to have to start Thompson

Throw in Royce lol

Trade with someone else that can offer you a better rb for Sanders. The hell with this guy.

I just completed another trade with someone else instead. I gave him a.j. and got kerryon and Howard. I think it works for both of us because he is getting a stud, and I am desperate for running backs.