Should I do this trade. Evans for Mcfadden & Cooper

I personally don’t like this trade.

Give: Mike Evans.
Receive: Darren Mcfadden & Amari Cooper

Current RB Owned:
Elliot (reason he trying to push mcfadden)
Duke Johnson
Matt Forte
Jon Stewart (trying drop for waiver pick of Aron Jones)

Current WR owned:
Mike Evans
Michael Thomas
Keenan Allen

I don’t want to trade evans, but should I try to convince him for Thomas or Allen.
OR don’t even bother and reject this trade.

I would rather Evans Thomas than Cooper and Allen is a lateral with a higher floor and lower ceiling. Not sure I would even entertain this deal myself. Reject…

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I would NOT even bother at all REJECT!!

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Thanks Guys

No good reject

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