Should I do this trade Jeffery for Watkins

Jeffery for Watkins

no no no Jeffery over the lizard king

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Depends what your other WR’s are like in my opinion. If Jeffrey or Watkins is going to be your WR2 of Flex a majority of the week I lean Jeffery because he is much more consistent. If it is just a bench guy who might play for your top WR’s when they are on a bye I think Sammy has a higher upside if healthy and would go him.

I’m lucky , I have Thomas and Julio lol, have Cook has my workhorse RB, so Jeffery or Watkins would be my flex

Jeffrey will most likely start off the year very hot. I would wait until about week 4 to trade him (for better than watkins). KC actually has a touch WR matchup schedule at the begenning of the year.

Alright sounds good , thanks