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Should I do this trade M.Thomas+L.Fournette 4 A.Brown+M.Lynch?


16 team Full point PPR… Should I do this Trade?

Im being offered a trade… Michael Thomas + Lenoard Fournette… for… Antonio Brown and Marshawn Lynch…
Brown doesnt come up for trade often and full point PPR makes this very appealing to me…

Here is my Starting line up

This is my Bench


Anything? Am I being stupid if I take this?


I don’t think it’s stupid to consider, but you’d be relying on a guy that came out of retirement as your RB1. He’s ran well, but I’d be worried about his health and carries going forward.


I would keep what you have. The only reason being that you need help in both categories to be honest. You’ll want both of your studs instead of THE stud in Brown. Brown will have a bad day 1 or 2 times and you don’t want to take that hit when you could have otherwise made up the pts in Thomas or Fournette. my opion


I think im gonna counter with Thomas and Cohen and see what he says…