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Should I Do this trade? Standard Scoring


Get-M. Bryant C. Coleman A. Kamara
Give- J. Rodgers D. Martin P. Garçon
It’s standard scoring
I have Freeman and Hunt as my RBs
I have Crabtree and Watkins as my top WRs.
I Don’t want to lose Tampa Bays backfilled but like the upside of all the players I would get.
What do you guys think?


I like what you currently have. To give up a backfield to receive a RB on a 3 headed monster is a tough payoff. That being said you are definitely getting some great upside potential with Bryant and Coleman. I personally always error on the side of caution being safe with RBs. WRs are easier to come by.


Yeah those are some of the same thoughts I had. I like the depth of my rbs but am also looking to strengthen my WRs.