Should I do this trade !?

Any input would be great guys… I think it’s not a bad deal I know the Bucs got Fournette buttt…

Sorry I’d be receiving Watson and Jones to clarify

If this was dynasty then I’d do it but for redraft I’d prefer what you already have.

Maannn I’m really on the fence right now … part of me is worried a littttlllee bit about Brees!

Ya I can understand that with old qb but keep in mind Watson lost Hopkins and is relying on the often injured fuller and cooks. Plus his coach wants to prove he’s smart so going try and run DJ to death. If healthy Brees is a lock for 4300+yds and 25+ td. But at end of the day it’s your squad so if you believe in Watson pull the trigger just my 2cents. Good luck

I totally love the feedback my friend thanks for going in to detail !! Still got a cpl days to think about it !!! Thanks again

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No prob hope works out for you :+1:t2: