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Should I do this trade?


Should I take his trade?
Currently my team is pretty balanced in terms of RB and WR
I would trade Crabtree and Cameron Meredith for Crowell and Davonte Adams
Should I do it?


i dont like it personally. I feel like meredith could have a good year and crabtree is much more consistent than adams. Adams really relies on touchdowns and with all GB’s weapons thats a big question mark


This is a standard league in case that matters, but I agree, something about it doesn’t seem right to me


yeah its too early, since you said youre balanced at RB im assuming crowell would be your 2nd/3rd best. Id rather wait out meredith see what he can do this year. Crab will get his Tds especially since carr favors him over cooper in the red zone. Not even necessarily favors him he just gets the job done on contested catches, which is coopers down fall.


Thanks for the help brotha!


Wait what?

Crowell is the most valuable player in this trade, a borderline rb1 currently being drafted at the top of the 3rd. Adams is currently being drafted ahead of Crabtree, both in the 4th. Meredith is a 9th round flyer.

These players’ draft stock would indicate that this deal would be an absolute steal for you. Now you can argue that Adams is a potential bust, and that Crabtree and Meredith are somewhat underrated at their current draft position, but an Adams bust is still likely better than a good Meredith season, and Crowell is more valuable than Crabtree hands down. There is also a coin flip possibility that Adams has a better season than Crabtree and you just win the trade hands down.

I don’t know what these guys are talking about, I’d be agreeing to that trade instantly.


i disagree ADP doesnt mean anything haha. Crowell is a borderline Rb1 maybe. The browns ran the ball the least by far in the 4th quarter because they arent winning, ever. Thats sketchy to me to have a back that plays 3 quarters and has a guy like duke johnson who will catch 50-60 balls. Id take crabtree over adams any day


Ummm…yeah it does. ADP tells us what the market value is for these players. If people thought Meredith was in the same league as these other guys, he wouldn’t be getting drafted in the 9th round. Now if it was close you could argue that the public is out to lunch and their valuation is off. But when we are talking about two guys going in the third and the fourth for two guys going in the fourth and the ninth, that is a pretty clear indication as to the vast disparity between these two sides.

And yeah, personally I’d draft Crabtree over Adams too. But it’s debatable. And that is the worse player on the one side of this trade being compared to the best player on the other. Again, when that is the conversation we are having it’s a pretty clear indication that it’s a lopsided trade and a huge win for @forsettbilly.

Crowell is sketchy? Welcome to the third round. You get past the first round and a half and there’s question marks everywhere. But Crowell has one of the best offensive lines in the league, does catch the ball, and finished as the rb14 last year and the team has only improved, so I don’t see any reason he wouldn’t be as good as last year or better.

It’s really easy here. Crow is better than Crabtree. Adams is WAY better than Meredith. For this to even be a conversation you need at least one of these players to be ahead ie you have to tell me you would either draft Crabtree ahead of Crowell or Meredith ahead of Adams. And if you are going to tell me that please send me an invite to your league.

This is an easy accept and a huge win. It’s not even close.