Should I draft 2 QBs in a standard 12 team league?

This is a 12 team standard league. Snake draft. I’m draft pick 3 . Im going rb rb 1st. Its 15 rounds. Draft is on Sept 1st.

  1. Rb
  2. If kelce is here might take him. Or else Wr
  3. Wr if I take kelce at 3 or else I’ll go te
  4. Might take a qb here. Kirk cousins has been available at this spot based on mock drafts I have done. Or else I keep doing rb.
    8.if i dont get no te and wait this this round. Tray Burton available here. Otherwise wr.
  5. Wr
  6. Wr.
  7. Qb?? Rb
  8. Rb
  9. Rookie pick rb/wr

Only reason I ask regarding 2 QBs is because is 12 of us total. Would want a good qb with a decent match up for whatever bye week my main one would be on.

Not sure you need to in a 12 team league. If you are picking smartly on your primary, you should be able to stream a more than decent back up without have to waste a draft pick on it, imo. Once my league expanded to 16 teams, I had to rethink my strategy…but I think you’ll be fine.

I think what gets to me is, when bye week comes around for the QB, I need to drop one of my players to get that qb replacement for one week only. A situation I would hate to be in. But, have to take some sacrifices right? Lol

I don’t like that you have a detailed plan going into the draft. You have to be able to pivot and change directions during the draft. With that said I think that’s to high on Kelce and taking a QB. I’m never touching a QB before the 7th and only there is there is a huge value on Rodgers. There is a world were you take Burton in the 7th or 8th and he finishes higher than Kelce. There is also a world where you take a QB in the 8th (Luck, Stafford, hell I’ve even seen Cam go in the 8th)

The thing about QB’s, atleast this season, is it seems like if you dont get one of the top guys, a lot of the later picks have good starting match ups. Especially being that you’re looking at snagging a QB roughly mid draft, you’ll likely have a few decent options. in this case, i probably wouldn’t worry about going two qb on the draft atleast. There’s always a great chance that you can grab someone off of waviers afterward if you’re really feeling like you need a second QB to stash. I really wouldnt worry about the bye weeks too much. its only gonna be for one week,everyone else is going to likely have to do the same thing, and you can likely stream someone pretty good and still be able to recover from it.

Your right about cam, I did see him around 8th pick. But for sure I am going rb rb. Wr wr… to be honest, last year I went kelce on 3rd round. I finished 5th place, could of been higher but thielen chocked and kelce td didnt count. This all happened on 1st round of playoffs of course.

Yeah I feel you. So far it seems I wont be after a 2nd qb. Thanks for your input

depends on your league. In my 10 man not taking 2 qbs is risky. people tend to snag and hold. So when it comes to the decent “streamers” people will snatch and hold with no desire to play, just plain keep away. my 12 man is similar, but most of it comes to the lack of debt at rb and WR and since our flex isn’t TE (RB and WR only) people snag extra QBs in that as well.

I’ve also been in leagues where everyone rosters 1 qb only until they need a backup.

And that’s where the mind fuck begins. This people do play keep away at times. No mercy in this league.