Should I draft Kyler Murray in the 4th round?

Hey everyone,
I am new here so please bare with me. As the title indicated I am wondering if Kyler Murray is worth my 4th round pick? My league announced our draft positions a few days ago and I am at the 4spot in a 0.5 PPR Standard League. In all my mock drafts from this position I always am left wanting to draft KM in round 4, but I know only Andy was for doing that, while the other Ballers were not. I just want some thoughts from the community.
Thanks guys.

Standard- not superflex though, right?
I think you play the draft as it goes. If you feel ok with going QB in the 4th round then pull the trigger but don’t do it just to do it. Look what other options you have and if you rather draft KM in the 4th then go for it. Only thing I will say if you are entertaining the idea of drafting a QB in the 4th round, maybe don’t draft a TE early. Every mock draft I’ve done, I’ve hated my teams when I did that.

Also, personally, I don’t think 4th round is too early for Kyler Murray. You just gotta know your league and see how everyone is about it. Murray is going later in rounds because of his shoulder injury. If he kept up the pace he was before it, he’d be in Josh Allen’s ADP. Get your guy!

I appreciate this advise greatly.

Thanks a ton.

Pleasure! And welcome to the forum. There’s some really great people here.

Very well said by the Marencophoto. You have to play the board and see how your league mates tend to draft. Tough in year one but that Spot in the 4th would be a good spot to start looking. Best advice I can give is don’t get locked into this guy or that in the 4th. There could always be an elite RB and/or WR that falls and taking one of those usually pays off more than an early QB. Use the tiers they have on here to get yourself a bearing as to who you feel could be a value at that spot.

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