Should I draft

I’m in a 12 team keeper League.
Each team keeps 5.
So essentially the first round in our draft is the 6th.

PPR & 6 pt passing TDs.

My question is my first pick is round 2 pick 11 (7.11) should I take a shot at Kyler Murray here or is it too early? I don’t have another pick until round 5.

You dont pick again till rd 5. You’re trying to win for this year

Honestly, My Opinion is that if you take Murray, you put your whole season at risk. Take a Late Qb like Jimmy G, WInston, Cousins, Lamar Jackson, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Rivers, Foles. All of which more than likely will put up much better fantasy numbers than Murray and much more reliable numbers week to week than Murray.
Play for this year. Worry about next year, next year. Arizona and Murray have looked terrible this off season too which isnt a great sign to start with. Murray and the Card’s Fantasy value is all based on Hype and zero previous success.

My 2 cents. Good luck!

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Appreciate the 2 Cents.
Although most of those QBs you mentioned are already kept or taxied.
I’m really hoping Winston is available round 7 (12 normal) in my league.

Original plan is to go RB with 23rd pick.

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