Should I drop a skill position player to pick up a good defense (Vikings or Steelers) so I don’t have to risk missing out and get stuck with streaming in the playoffs?

Defenses available are
Vikings (dropped them to pick up Corey Davis)

Those two are the best imo remaining for ros
Also avail are bears, chargers, redskins, Bengals

Players I would consider dropping would be
Jordan Reed (this would be very hard to do until I get further info on his hamstring)
LeGarrette Blount
Or I guess oakland raider dst and don’t roll with one this week since my opponent had 2.5 point mccoy.

Thanks for the help!

If you can get Davis, he will do as well as reed. Blount will begin losing touches when Anjali in philly. Defenses are not as important as skilled players . The exception would be if you have at least one back up for your starting skilled positions.