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Should I drop and pick up


Should I drop Marvin jones to hand cuff McCoy or hunt ? And if so which one should I hand cuff … my rbs are McCoy , hunt , cj Anderson , gore and j stew and my wr are Mike Thomas , d Thomas , martavis Bryant, Parker, garçon and Marvin jones …


It’s to early to drop for a handcuff but out of what you have. I think Gore is done this season. Had him and dropped him before the season started


Personally, idk if I’d say you’d really need it as I like the depth you have on both ends. If you’re looking to handcuff one of them I’d say McCoy only cuz he has had injuries and is basically the only offense in buffalo right now.


Yea I don’t like his situation but I hate dropping rbs


Yea and he scared me last week already when he got dinged up


Don’t drop Marvin Jones for Tolbert or West. West had ONE carry, and for the game, he had TWO touches. You have more value in Jones.


Understand that… I dropped him because I had more Rbs than WRs. So I felt ok to do it. I don’t think you need to handcuff especially right now so just keep him. See what happens.