Should I drop anything and pick up Taywan? .5 ppr

I have been trying to make trades to improve my receivers but I’m in a league without much action. It is hard to get people to even talk about trades.

unless you can see yourself playing him over other options any time, if it was my team i’d probably just drop D. Jackson to get Taywan. jackson has been surprisingly good, and shockingly consistent. the consistency is what i can’t fathom will last. he also has to fight for targets with a number of other strong options for whoever ends up playing QB (which is yet another issue working against him). lastly, his upside lies in the deep ball, and not on high volume which is a lot more valuable in ppr, esp when it comes to guys who aren’t the best (or even second best) weapon in his offense.

taylor on the other hand is the unquestioned #2 WR for the Titans who have been winning and have reason to be optimistic with mariota healthy again and a solid defense. he should see a lot of volume/targets as long as he has that #2 spot. i think he has more ROS potential than jackson and is worth adding in his place.

Thanks. I had picked up D-Jax earlier to play and then he ended up doing so I kept him. After the big game I was trying to package him with some others but nobody was willing to negotiate anything I brought up. So, RoS, you think Taylor is better than Sanu and both are better than Jackson?

i think you don’t actively need jackson or sanu, but that sanu and taywan play for legit teams and have more opportunity to have defined roles in their offenses. jackson may have a big game here and there but i can’t imagine feeling good about starting him over tyreek or even baldwin/brown, especially bc it’s ppr. i think taywan and sanu are good players to monitor and keep in case they string consecutive strong outings together and can either really be trusted to play when needed, or have some real value in a trade.

i think this is the best time the whole year to trade djax, and that he will become invisible at some point going forward. he obviously is a deep threat and always will be, but when that’s 100% of where his value lies, i don’t see it being wise to play him in a ppr format. he’s been on people’s benches all season despite putting up points for that very reason, but held on to on the bench bc everyone wants to trade him at a premium. sounds like you were able to pick him up bc the previous owner got sick of trying to pawn him off unsuccessfully. taywan and sanu are better stashes or starts imo. i’m starting both of them this week actually.

I wasn’t able to to get anyone to bite on any of the packages with Jackson so I dropped him and added Taylor. KeKe and Sanu are guys I had just picked up. KeKe just to see if he may be a thing and Sanu because I like Atlanta’s schedule. I’m hoping Taylor can get Mariota to spread it around some and become at least a spot flex option. Thanks for the input and reasoning.

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Considering Winston and djax hate each other djax May b droppable, I prolly wouldn’t roster sanu either Taylor has more upside as long as mariota is healthy

I wasn’t aware they hated each other. So, that’s good to know. I dropped him and grabbed Taylor. I had only picked Sanu to possibly play in my in my flex this week. Since I’m not, I’ll probably drop him and leave a free spot open on my bench.

if you don’t need a free spot on your bench, you might be able to cash in on Sanu somehow after this Sunday if he has another nice game, which would make 3 in a row, and is completely possible given the matchup vs. PIT. not hurting yourself by dropping him or anything, just might be of some use in a trade or something w/ his stock high.

Sanu for sure

I like to think that’s a possibility but the league I’m in just does not trade. I have made so many offers and I feel like they are legitimate deals but people aren’t about it. It’s been frustrating.

Yea they hav zero chemistry and DJax was actively supporting Fitz publically cause he never saw much attention since he played in philly look up his last years numbers wit Winston…