Should I drop Chark for Shenault?

Chark is popping up questionable for the week. It looks like Shenault has been equally if not more productive… I just don’t have anyone else to drop but I think he will go off in the game tomorrow night, especially if Chark is out

I think that would be a mega mistake.


Absolutely not… although I am trying to trade him away right now haha

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hahahahaha… I don’t think it’s that crazy of an idea

What type of league are you in? Shenault is a swiss-army knife who will be used in a lot of ways, but Chark gets the (much) higher-value plays. I’d rather have Chark in any type of league, but I’d especially rather have him in Half or full PPR

it’s full PPR. I like that he has been getting involved in the run game as well. I almost see him as a potential Tyreek Hill or at least a Tyreek Hill lite

Maybe a few years down the road, but I just don’t see that this year.