Should I drop Cohen for Ekeler? (full point PPR)

I have Barkley, Drake, and Ingram is on my bench waiting for a reprieve. I was thinking about dropping Cohen for Ekeler. This league has roster limits so I can only have 2 runningbacks on my bench at most.

No. I think yesterday was just the perfect game script for Ekeler. I don’t see him being that involved going forward. He’s just another scat back. Having said that, I have the same view of Cohen and actually own no shares of him either. I don’t care much for either player tbh.

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At this moment, I would keep Cohen as well. That could change if Ekeler has another good week though. He looked solid in the preseason. I have Gordon, so he is stashed on my bench at the moment. Call me crazy, but I feel like Gordon and Ekeler have the potential to be Ingram and Kamara 2.0.

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Cool, I appreciate the replies guys. I am not totally thrilled having him. I have the 6th pick off the waiver wire so I am thinking I won’t even sniff the likes of Conner who is available. Not surprisingly the guy with Bell has the 1rst waiver wire pick as it stands right now.

You’re crazy.