Should I drop Corey Davis for a defense?

Currently I don’t have a defense. My opponent had the jets who scored 4. He’s also losing fournette and lost mixon already, I should beat him, theoretically anyway. But the guys I could drop are Corey Davis, Alfred Morris, or Keelan Cole. But I’m playing Cole this week. And while there is buck Allen on the waiver, idk if I’d want to drop Morris. There is more receiver options after the week is up. Geronimo, Lockett’s a couple others, who are performing better than Davis. Whom I’m very disappointed with. And idk if he can turn it around. Just having a hard time dropping a 10 target a game guy… what do y’all think?

Update, Blaine Gabbert is the starter. I will be dropping Corey Davis. Lol.