Should I drop Damien Harris for McCoy as a bench stash? WHIR

Ok so McCoy was dropped before he signed with the chiefs, I am considering dropping Damien Harris to pick him, I have a feeling McCoy will have a nice role in one of the best offenses but I really like Harris as a league winner if/when michels knee flares up.

It’s 3 WR / 2 RB / 1 Flex league, full point ppr

I have:

WRs: Adams, juju, Fuller, Allison , Miller
RBs: Jacobs, Carson, sanders, lat murray, breida, and devin singletary.

Also second half of the question, FAAB budget is $200 , I was thinking of bidding $11-15 to get him, would that be enough ?

Shady is definitely more valuable now but I like the potential for Harris to take over should Michel go down. You’ve already got a solid group with Jacobs, Carson, Sanders so idk if you’ll need Shady at 10-12 touches. Tough call though.

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So, if I have Darwin, Damien Harris, and Sanders, should I drop one or simply wait a couple of weeks? My main RBs are Chubb, Freeman, and Breida. My WRs are Diggs, Lockett, Westbrook, Anderson, and Miller. Am I safe? Should I grab Humphries, Beasley, Foster, Boykin? (We have no flex, so aside from the big three, most are available.) I’m at a loss at this point.

MetalMassacre - I think Shady will be a good pick up now and stash to see what you have but Harris won’t likely be scooped up very sharpish so if it’s clear Shady isn’t getting the work Wk1, just drop him and pick Harris back up.

Chris_henry - I would consider dropping Miller and stashing Beasley or Boykin. I think your RBs looked fine to me!

I dropped Darwin for Foster. I have faith in his connection with Josh Stallion despite the new toys Buffalo has. That being said, I still feel dirty…I might pick up Thompson later on, if it looks like he’s going to get more reps. But, if not, I have some solid RBs. FUCK IT! BORTLES!