Should I drop Drake to pick up Perine?

Morris is available too. Should I drop Drake for either of these guys?
(Standard and my other RBs are Kamara, Darkwa, Murray, and Miller).

I would do this. Perine could be looking at 20ish touches a game going forward. Just isnt anyone else there and Cousins looks like hes gonna keep that offense moving.

Definitely, especially considering his week 11 performance. He’s the only show in town.

Word. I had some hopes for Drake (he’s the clear talented back) but I kinda want no part of that Miami team now. Despite the good matchups. Looks like the coach doesn’t see (or refuses to see) what we can all see in Drake.
I’d been trying to avoid the mess of RBs in Washington, but yeah, when there’s only one person healthy at RB, he’s basically guanteed the carries and some decent production.
…Unless it’s Seattle! Zing! #FreeMikeDavis

Absolutely! Do it! Drake is all big play boom or bust.