Should I Drop Elliot now?

Elliot is suspended and it seems like it will be for good now.

I also have Mark Ingram, Duke Johnson, & Forte.

I thinking to drop him for Rob Kelly.

He is the only next best RB available on my waiver.

I don’t want to trade for Morris or McFadden. They have been picked up.
My league will ask for Evans or Robby Anderson.

Just my two cents here… but based from how utterly chaotic his case has gone thus far with the NFL and the courts, it would not surprise me to see him playing again. Sure, his suspension may be listed as “official”, but who knows how long THAT will last? Lol!

I wouldn’t but that’s up to you. How upset will you be if you drop him, one of your league mates grabs him, and his suspension gets pushed to next season? You have plenty of RB depth for now to at least see how it plays out. Just my two cents.

Thanks Guys. That what I was thinking, but everyone saying he is def missing 4 games and with Forte being out, and Evans already suspended. I’m just feeling like WTF.

I am projected to win by 17 pts. but that can all be undone by one person going off on the other person team or one person not performing on mine.

I’m just tired of all this Elliot BS and NFL needs to leave him alone already. Trying to take past bad decisions on cases like this and trying to over correct on him.

the only thing that is 100% right now is that he will not have a chance to get reverted until 4 games pass.

Dec 1st

So at a minimum he is guaranteed to miss 4 weeks.