Should I drop Elliott already

Seems like it’s a done deal. It’s been great while it lasted seeing that I picked him up at round 5! Morris is still available and McFadden is already taken. Should I press for Morris and drop Elliott already?

If you’re making the playoffs, don’t drop him. I’m stashing him along with Rodgers for last two games.

Right now I’m 3rd out of 8. My team seems pretty stacked but I just dropped the saints to pick up Morris afraid someone else would pick him up.

L Miller
A Peterson
M Jones Jr
W Lutz
Jordy Nelson
J Howard
A cooper
E Elliott
C Thompson
S shepard
And Morris

Lol I was going to drop garcon until I heard the 49ers trades for garoppolo. Next drops would either be Thompson or shepard. Who do you think I should drop if I keep Elliott till the playoffs? Not to mention I’m still a defense down. I appreciate the help! Lol looking back at it I am wr heavy! Lmao

Are you keeper or redraft?

This league is a re draft one. First season with this group.

What about Peterson? It seems like he will always be the odd man out in your rosters unless there’s a bye. I find it tough to see a situation that you’d play him regularly. All your WR could be fill ins in the FLEX depending on matchup.

if youre making the playoffs, you dont drop elliot. he can win you the championship.
if youre not making the playoffs, you dont drop elliot. you trade him.

Blackman and Scott! I appreciate your advice and will move than likely keep him for the playoffs. I’ll also consider dropping Peterson or even trade him with one of my other guys. Maybe I can get name value for him haha. I really appreciate everyone’s input! You all have been a big help.

Follow up question…would you attempt to trade FOR elliot knowing you’re going to the playoffs and the owner of him currently may or may not go? What would you give up?

I guess it would depend on who I had rostered and of I was comfortable with the team moving forward. Who would you offer If you did this trade for Elliot? I personally think, if you have Elliott already then you’re in a good spot and have options. I don’t necessarily think I’d go chasing after him at this point unless I was in a position where I really needed him. At least in my league we’re all neck n neck so the play off spot could or could not be mine. That is a tough situation through.