Should I drop Eric Ebron and pick up Shane Vereen?

Feeling like my teams lacking in the RB category so should I grab someone off waiver wire or roll with what i got and wait until the season starts?I currently have second dibs on Waivers in a twelve team league. Who do i drop?
Noticeable Waiver Wire grabs:
Shane Vereen
Alfred Morris
Jeremy Hill
Joe Williams

12 team ppr league/1 keeper(K) Draft on Aug. 06
My Team:
QB: Matthew Stafford
WR: Julio Jones(K)
WR: Antonio Brown
RB: Isaiah Crowell
RB: Leonard Fournette
TE: Kyle Rudolph
W/R/T: Sammy Watkins
K: Wil Lutz
D: Pittsburgh
B: Danny Woodhead
B: Tevin Coleman
B: Stefon Diggs
B: Terrance West
B: Rob Kelly
B: Eric Ebron

absolutely not. your rb depth is plentiful, i actually like it a lot. 6 rbs is way more than enough when you only start 2. WRs score more in the flex on average. i would definitely hold onto ebron he could have a really good year if he can stay healthy. You need more WR depth if anything. 4 wont cut it in the long haul. HATE watkins in LA so get rid of him ASAP in a trade with say west (since you have woodhead) for a pair of receivers of your liking. look for a team that is week in rb depth and doesnt have good receivers.

Yeah you have plenty of rb depth and those are pretty awful options anyway. Don’t think I would have drafted 2 TEs but Ebron certainly has more value than any of those scrubs.

The only reason why I don’t have a lot of WR depth is because i figured I wouldn’t need it because I know who i’m starting every week; Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. I’m just a little worried about starting Crowell and Fournette every week.

honestly crow and fournette have fairly high floors. Woodhead could start any week as well he is a PPR machine. literally. Yeah having AB and julio is a luxury but things happen and they still have bye weeks and i would hate having sammy watkins at my #2. I stick to trade watkins and west or coleman for more receivers.

I wasn’t planning on drafting 2 TE but i got him in round 13 and he was the best player on the board

I agree, when i drafted Watkins he was with the Bills, i’m a little worried now that he’s a Ram but I don’t know if anyone will take him now.

yeah i saw you drafted on the 6th, thats lame haha. Yeah hell be tough to sell but i would be making every effort and hopefully you find the right person to trade him too. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Thats my only concern with your team, otherwise its very good. Best of Luck!

I disagree. While I liked Watkins a heck of a lot more on the Bills, you don’t want to panic and sell him for pennies on the dollar. Remember, Watkins is still the guy who was the top consensus WR prospect in a draft with OBJ and Mike Evans. The Rams offence was putrid last year, but there is reason for optimism with Sean McVay now running the show instead of Jeff Fisher.

Now if you can get solid value for Watkins, by all means, trade away. Just don’t feel like you have to, because that is when owners get fleeced.

I hear you, I think i’m going to try and do a 2 or 3 for 1 though (Watkins, Diggs and Coleman) for a better WR though and that way I can free up some bench to stream some guys.