Should I drop frank gore?

I am wondering if I should drop frank gore, I have Carson, Lamar Miller, Ingram, Cohen and Doug Martin.
Should I drop him and just pick up a lottery handcuff? since I don’t see him ever starting for me. I tried trading but everyone in my league over values their team.

Could you package Gore with a WR to upgrade at WR? If you’re just gonna drop him anyway, a 2 for 1 for you isn’t a bad idea even if others over value your team since you’re looking for that extra roster spot to pick up a handcuff. Try Gore and a WR for an upgrade on that WR to strengthen your team instead of just dropping him. He’s still good for about 10pts a week, there has to be an owner in your league desperate for an extra 10pts in your league.

Sorry, over value THEIR team, not yours.

I dropped him a while ago, going to try and shift Jon Stewart next in a package deal