Should I drop J. Crowder for M. Pittman?

I’m in a 12 team half point PPR league. Check out my wide receivers. Should I drop Crowder for Pittman? I drafted at 7th pick. Yes, I know. Everyone has gone bananas about how Elliot fell at 7th pick in my league. Yes, mahomes and Jackson were chosen on 1st round.

Is this a redraft, keeper, or dynasty?

If redraft, I would keep Crowder. If keeper, that would depend on what you would have to give up next year for each plater, and in dynasty, you would have to decide if you are in win now mode, or building for the future with Crowder being part of the win now mode for me.

This is a redraft, and yes i need to win. I got a bet of $50 to win week 1.

Then I would for sure keep Crowder. The chemistry between he and Darnold was great last year and they just get to build off of it.

I would only use him as a flex but right now the way my WRs look. They all better than him unless he has a real good matchup.