Should I drop James Robinson for Renfroe?

Should I drop James Robinson (my last pick in the draft) for Renfroe on a 3 WR, PPR league?

My depth chart at RB is:
Kenyan Drake
Chris Carson
Antonio Gibson
David Montgomery
Chris Thompson

My depth chart at WR is:
AJ Brown
Keenan Allen
Marquise Brown
Anthony Miller
Breshad Perriman

There are other interesting FA options like:
Robby Anderson
Parris Campbell
Cole Beasley
Alshon Jeffrey

I am concerned that my depth in WR is not as strong as in RB, especially in a 3 WR PPR league

I actually disagree with you, i think you are fine in the WR department, although your banking on both Allen and Brown both hitting which is a little risky. Miller and Perriman are fine potential sleepers, if you are concerned about depth you can absolutely afford to drop Robinson with your current RB depth. Although, i would probably pick up Campbell or Alshon (could stash him on IR till he comes back) over renfrow, as we don’t know what his role would be since Ruggs has taken slot duties. I personally think Campbell is a sneaky sleeper, as Rivers loves to throw to the slot (see Keenan Allen) and think he could get several targets a game. Alshon is a bit safer as when he returns he will certainly have WR3 with WR2 upside

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Campbell sounds like a really good sleeper based on Rivers history. I was considering Renfore other the other options because he finished strong last season and will have a similar role this year.

I don’t think he will though, he played out of the slot last year and lost it to Ruggs. Pretty sure the depth chart right now is Ruggs in the slot and then Edwards and Aghalor for the 2 and 3. I don’t think Renfrow is even starting this year

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Interesting. I think then that I will hold on Robinson for 1 week and see if there is upside there. He will be the clear first option for his team (not a great one, but in this case opportunity is giving him a path for more upside).

James Robinson has good upside, with Renfrow im not sure how many targets he will see this year

Prefer to Keep Robinson week 1. The roster situation should allow you to see opportunity share immediately. Whereas some of those other players have less clear situations that week 1 may not clarify.