Should I drop M. Goodwin or Allison for Enunwa?

I hate making moves after one week of play, but losing sure does bring weaknesses to light.

It’s full point PPR, and Enunwa’s target share looks very desirable. My other two Wr’s are Diggs and Aj Green. Goodwin and Allison are my only other two options to drop. Thoughts?

That’s a close call. Depends on Goodwin’s injury. I’d rather have Allison than Goodwin though.

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I was really hoping you’d respond, I respect your answers. Thanks brother.

No problem. I have been very often wrong (check out my things I was wrong about post) though so don’t hate me if I give the wrong advice. I’m going through that same decision personally, and I just dropped goodwin to pick up Allison having lost Baldwin so at least if you lose, you’ll know I feel your pain with you.

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Oh, trust me. I have to tell you-- when I drop Goodwin he will go off, thus becoming the greatest wide receiver this world has ever known. I have wrecked careers and I am often the brunt of jokes in my league because of this.

Everything I’ve been wrong about so far.

I’m keeping Goodwin. One of my favorite players in the game. I love his heart and his speed.

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Love everything about him, except his 6 concussions and currently injured leg.

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MxRybak1, since he is your favorite player I am going to keep him. Get ready for a 350 yard season buddy. All those slump seasons for players like Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Antonio Gates, Frank Gore and the likes while they were in their prime was because of me.